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Bangladesh divided into red, yellow, green zones [Corona Virus]

Corona Virus: Bangladesh divided into red, yellow, green zones. The government has divided different parts of the country into three zones red, yellow and green to tackle the worsening corona virus situation. Corona Virus Zones of Bangladesh How zones will be defined The following table describes the initial approach to zoning.The definition is expected to… Continue reading »

How To Register Teachers Of New MPO Registered Institutions

MPO Registration 2020. How To Register Of New MPO Registered Institutions Teachers? Here we discuss details of how to MPO Registration by emis. The registration link is- MPO Registration 2020 Teachers-employees of the newly MPO registered educational institutions have to apply online for MPO registration as per the prevailing rules. After the final verification… Continue reading »

Shangsad TV Class Routine 2020

Parliamentary Teaching will begin on 29th March. Watching themed classes for secondary students on television is not the end of the work. Homework will be given after each class broadcast on TV. And each house has to be finished in a separate department. Shangsad TV Class Routine 2020 When the school is open when the… Continue reading »

Education Is Incompatible With The Job

There is frustration among young people, that’s right. There is anxiety among the elders too. There are various problems in the social, political field. However, economic development is different. Inequality is on the rise with economic development. Corruption is on the rise, it is a matter of concern. Nowhere is discipline, justice working. The number… Continue reading »

Why Need Primary Education Board?

Why Need Primary Education Board? It is the essential for Primary Education. For this reason here we discuss why need primary education board of Bangladesh. On November 7, the headline of a national daily was titled ‘Being a Board of Primary Education.’ The details of the matter were curious as a minor educator – I… Continue reading »