Schools Opened In The Province Of Manitoba, Canada

By   September 12, 2020

Schools are opening in different provinces of Canada due to the pandemic of Covid-19. Every year after Summer, “Back to School” is held in a very festive atmosphere throughout Canada. The school is open from September. Even though the schools are open this time, there is fear among everyone. All school classes in Canada were closed from March.

School open in Canada

The fear of opening a school due to Covid-19 has been exacerbated by the experience of opening a school in neighboring America. After opening schools in that country, more than one lakh students have tested positive for Covid-19.School open in Canada

Unknown pandemic is at fear work in Canada. Schools in the province of Quebec opened two weeks ago. The situation there is worse than many fears. As of September 8, a total of 118 people have tested positive for Covid-19. And only 7 positive cases were found in Calgary. Teachers have gone into self-isolation, almost shutting down educational activities in schools that have tested positive.

Since Canadian schools are regulated by the province, each province operates schools according to its own guidelines.

Schools in the province of Manitoba has been open since September 8, 2020. The provincial government has already announced an additional budget of $52 million before the school opens.

This money will be used for cleaning, masks, and Covid-19 so that it does not spread.

There are 186372 students in the 2369 schools in this province. The total number of teachers is 13786. On the other hand, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced an allocation of $2 billion.

The money will be divided between 10 provinces and 4 territories across the country. Many think that this allocation is much less. Because in any school, if any teacher is found to have Covid-19 positive, then all the teachers have to go for self-isolation. In that case, no teacher was appointed as a backup.

Another major weakness of Canadian schools is that their ventilation systems are very poor. As it is a cold country, there is no system of natural light and air.

Coronaviruses are more likely to spread in closed areas. Class size has been reduced in schools. Classes will be arranged in the places where there are vacancies in the school.

Moreover, classes will be taken in the open field or outside the school as much as possible before the onset of winter.

In Manitoba, everyone is required to wear a mask when entering grades 4 through 12. Reusable masks are being used everywhere, including the school lobby.

The school has told me to wash my mask every day. Everyone will be given 2 reusable masks free of cost from the school. Classes from kindergarten to grade 8 will be held 5 days a week in this province; However, everyone from grade 9 to grade 12 will have classes 2 days a week.

New cleaning policies have been adopted in schools. The additional cleaning staff has been recruited. Adequate hand sanitizer is provided.

Teachers will encourage students to wash their hands regularly. Everyone has been asked to come to school according to social distance. The policy also applies to those who will use the school bus. There has also been talk of maintaining social distance.

An unknown pandemic is at work among everyone. Many spoke in favor of closing the school.

The government has said that it is harmful to students to stay out of education for 5 long months.

It is worth mentioning that over one thousand Canadians of Bangladeshi descent study in different schools in Manitoba.

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