How to Earn Through Online Platform? [50 Ways to Earn By Online]

By   November 2, 2020

How to earn through online media? Here we discuss the detailed information about how to earn by online media. Let’s go know the details.

How to earn Online?

If you want to earn money online you have to maintain some rules. But for those who are new in this sector, have to learn first then start earning from online media. Today we will discuss some ways by which we can earn online.How to earn by online

50 Ways to Earn From Online Platform

1. Youtube:
Youtube is one type of earning media from which you can earn money by maintaining youtube authorities’ rules and visitors’ expectations. you can make videos of your own content and publish it on your youtube channel. After that, if your videos have more views and subscriber then can earn more and more.

2. Google Adsense:
You can earn money from blogging among them Google Adsense is one of them. In your blog, you will create content according to your visitors choice. After that content, you adjust Google ads and when visitors click and give impress you can earn money.

3.Article writing:
Article is needed more or less in every Website. For this those who are involved in article writing are more demandable now. If you want you can earn through article writing.

4.CPA Marketing:
CPA or Cost per action is also an important income-generating source if your visitors do registration or sign up in your website you can earn money through this.

5. Web Development:
In web development there will be two types of work like back and front, you can earn by these two.

6. Graphics Designing:
There are many sectors in graphics design like Logo design, Photoshop Illustrator, etc.You can earn through this.

7. Affiliate Marketing:
You can do affiliate marketing in two ways like blogging with eBay including amazon, commission junction, and many more platforms. Alibaba is one of the affiliates of video content.

8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
SEO is one of the best ways to place visitors on your website which is organic. You can earn by client SEO. Ex: Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc.

9. Individual Affiliate Marketing:
You can earn money by Affiliate links of the various individual companies. If you want you can earn money from the blue host, HostGator, Flipkart, AWeber, SEMRush marketing.

10. Data Entry:
Data entry is another source of online earning. You can earn by converting files from PDF to word or word to excel and placing exact information you can earn money easily.

11. Stock Photography:
If you are good at photography, you can sell your photographs on various blogs and websites like the Shutterstock website.

12. Writing review:
You can earn money by writing various website reviews like restaurants, product reviews.

13. Freelancing Gig :
You can remotely continue your work by creating a freelancing GIG. Ex: if you want you can earn in Fiverr, Upwork, and another marketplace.

14. URL shortener:
you can earn by URL shortener like bilty.

15. A Software, An App, or A Web Solution:
You can earn by Software, An App, or A Web Solution.

16. SEM (Search Engine Marketing):
SEM – Search Engine Marketing is a Broader form of SEO.

17. Email Marketing:
Email marketing is like a newsletter. at first, you can make a list of your client email id and then send them an email and in the future convert them to sell products.

18. Email list or Database Selling:
You can sell your email list to the marketer. If your email list is not relevant you cant earn money by using them.

19. Social Media Marketing:
If you are active in social media like youtube, Facebook, Twitter, then by using social media marketing you can earn money.

20. Domain Flipping:
If you buy some exceptional domain name, in the future it can sell them by increasing their value two or three times.

21. WordPress Plugins:
The various company uses WordPress plugin on their website. They hire experts at WordPress plugin for their website design. To know this WordPress plugin you can earn also.

22. Website Flipping:
This is also like domain flipping but in this you will do SEO, having good content on a website. Tou will do social media marketing then you will get much sell from this website or if you have good traffic then you will sell 20 or 30 multiple times.

23. Coding Services:
If you have knowledge in coding and problem-solving ability you cab earn by coding.

24. Web Designing with PHP:
In PHP web design there will be a different WordPress plugin. You will generate different Teams for coding, design, and testing.

25. Developing Mobile Apps:
By developing an android and IOS device app you can earn money.

26. Transcription:
This job is available online. You can earn by transcription from one media to another. For those medical transcription is available more.

27. Tech Support:
There will be supported outsource for many companies among them tech support is more.

28. Web Assistant or Virtual Assistant:
You can earn online as a virtual assistant. In meeting time and presentation you can give data by web assistant.

29. On various websites by filling the form you can also earn.

30. Online Focus Group:
Google and Microsoft company use to get feedback from its user. You can earn by helping them to get users.

31. eBooks:
Selling your E-book and earn money. Suppose you have better knowledge about dog training. You can write an ebook on this topic and earn money.

32. Sharing Content:
If you have some viral social media content, you can earn more from this. Remember your content should be unique.

33. Membership Sites:
Make a site that is capable of solving a problem. If your traffic is increasing, you can take charge of memberships and earn money.

34. Revenue Sharing Sites:
If you are an expert at any subject you can earn by Google Adsense, There are many more sites in which you can share your experience and earn money.ex:, HubPages, Xomba, Snips.

35. Desktop Publishing:
You can earn by designing the front page of magazines, publications through photoshop.

36. Selling Old Books Online:
If you have old books, you can earn by selling them in BookScouter.

37. Make Money Selling Gadgets:
You can earn by selling Laptops and othe22r gadgets.

38. Stock Trading:
You can earn by stock, mutual fund trading.

39. Forex Trading:
You can earn by Forex trading though this also restricted in many countries.

40. Sponsoring Links and Sponsored Post:
You can earn by Sponsoring Links and Sponsored Post.

41. Paid or Sponsored Tweet:
You can earn by Twitter via another. Many companies will hire twitter via value-creating.

42. Facebook Paid to Like:
You can earn by Facebook as although this income source is not available.

43. Product Testing:
There are many companies that will give you the product you use and mail them in detail. They will pay you for this feedback.

44. Domain Name and Hosting Service:
You can earn by selling the domain name and hosting service.

45. Playing Online Games:
You can earn by playing online games. There are many companies who make games and want that people play their games and if find any problem they will give feedback.

46. Online Beta Version Software Testing:
There are many companies that hire to test the software before it is released in the market. You can also earn income online by testing software.

47. Selling Insurance Online:
You can sell insurance on behalf of those companies and earn money.

48. E-commerce Site:
To buy and sell nowadays e-commerce site is very popular. You can create an e-commerce site by targeting your local market and earn money.

49. Buying and Selling on Craigslist, Quikr, etc:
You can buy a product from Craigslist or Quikr and sell this to another site.

50. Car/Bike Review/Comparison Portal:
The portal for selling cars and bikes are very popular.

Many people want to buy new cars. They also want good reviews from other customers. You can also earn by giving them reviews.

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