The New Features Of Android [Exclusive Version 2021]

By   December 21, 2020

Google has announced six new features for Android users. These include a new emoji section for Gboard, auto-generated narrators for books, special labels for Android applications, and a number of other fun features.

Android New Version 2021

These features of Android can now be used only by beta program members in certain regions, soon general users will also be able to enjoy them. Let’s learn more about these features.Android New Version 2021

What are the new features of Android?

Gboard: First of all let’s talk about the emoji kitchen feature of Gboard. This new feature allows users to customize the sticker with their desired emoji. In this case, if you tap any two emojis on the keyboard, Google will immediately show the different forms of the sticker generated as a result of the combination of those two emojis. Users can double-tap on an emoji to see some more suggestions on the sticker.

This feature has already been implemented in the beta version of Gboard, it will be implemented in the coming weeks on Android 8.0 or later operating systems.

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Auto-Generated Narrator for Book: The second new feature introduced by Google is Auto Generated Narrator for Books. Google is adding this narrator feature to Google Play Books without any audio version. It is currently only valid for beta users.

Google is currently working with publishers in the United States and the United Kingdom and plans to launch this special feature for all users in early 2021.

Voice access feature of Android devices: For people with motor disabilities, Google is going to bring a specific label to the voice access feature of Android devices. This allows users to add labels such as “Open Photo”, “Tap Search”, or “Tap Your Map” to various applications, and manage apps with voice commands.

In this context, the voice access feature was first introduced for Android 11 based devices. Now it is also effective for Android 8.0 and later OS versions.

Go Tab for Google Maps: In addition, the tech giant has launched a new Go Tab for Google Maps. This special tab allows users to navigate to the places of their choice.

Users can pin their locations from this tab to get instant results on directions, live traffic, route jams, and ETAs.

Specific routes of public transport can also be pinned. Soon Android and iOS users will see this ‘Go Tab’ on Google Maps.

Auto Service and Nearby Share: Google’s latest feature is a new update to the Android Auto service and the Nearby Share option. This new update extends the Android Auto service to a few more countries around the world and introduces the ability to share any app from Google Play via Nearby Share.

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