How To Avoid ATM Card Hack

By   September 11, 2020

Hacking is a widely discussed topic at the present time. Different financial institutions take different protections to survive from this hack. The banking sector is more at risk. So their protection is also important to survive the hack. Hacking Update news 2020.

Hacking Update news

In this busy age of technology, various crimes including hacking have increased. We have to adopt various strategies to prevent such problems. In the case of banking, criminals are getting trapped, anyone can wear it at any time. In such a situation, if you follow a little strategy, you can survive from ATM card hacking.Hack news 2020

Let’s find out now – how to survive if an ATM card is hacked –

Protect information

  • Don’t give your PIN number to anyone else, not even to bank officials.
  • Memorize the PIN number. Don’t write anywhere, not even in your personal diary.
  • Do not give your financial documents to anyone other than an authorized person.
  • Keep the USD portion of your credit card off when you return from abroad.

Be careful using ATM / POS terminals

  • Cover the PIN pad when entering your PIN number/password at the ATM / POS terminal.
  • Do not give your card to anyone else to withdraw money from ATM.
  • Keep an eye on your card when using it at any outlet.
  • Beware of pinhole cameras or other unusual devices at ATM / POS terminals.

Stay safe online

  • In the case of online shopping, shop from the website.
  • Do not click on links from unknown emails or SMS.
  • If you are instructed to change your PIN number/password or provide card information on an unknown website in an email, avoid it and let us know immediately.

Regular updates of apps and devices

  • Securely configure your devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) to deal with IT risks.
  • Be sure to keep your device’s operating system (Android, iOS, Windows) up to date.
  • Only use apps from reputable service providers. Otherwise, there is a possibility of facing different types of problems.

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