The age of entry into government service can be 35-40 years

By   September 9, 2020

Government job age 35 years. In the present time, students and job seekers of Bangladesh wants an effective job age. In the present situation to enter in Government sector the age limit is 30 years. Due to this Corona situation, many of the students have to cross their Government entry job age. To consider in this situation Government has to raise the job age.

Govt Job Age 2020

Planning Minister MA Mannan said it was time to restructure the age limit for entry and retirement in government service. He thinks that the age limit for entering the job can be increased to 35-40 years. He also said that the retirement age can be raised to 65.Govt Job Age 2020

Govt Job Age 35 Years

He made the remarks in an interview with Deutsche Welle. He said the government has to consider economic and social issues when making decisions. In developed countries like Bangladesh, there is no cadre, age, or rules.

The mentality from which the British did it no longer works. Our age, independence, ability, education has increased. So it needs to be rearranged.

Government Job Age 2020

“In my opinion, the age limit for entry into employment can be raised to 35-40 years,” the minister said. The retirement age has also been raised to 65. Many jobs have it. It’s time to dump her and move on. ”

MA Mannan said the number of unemployed before Corona was 20 percent. However, many do not work because of Corona. Various organizations including CPD and PRI reached 35 percent. However, with the resumption of economic activities, 35 percent is no more, but not even 20 percent. It will be from 22 to 25 percent.

He said the West countries do not have an age limit for those who are advanced. We have not improved to that level yet. It will become more generous for us if there are no obstacles. However, the age of entry into the job should be raised from 30, although it is a matter for the government to decide, he said.

When will be effective Govt Job Age 25?

The minister said if the age of entry into the job is increased, the competition will also increase. Now, at the age of 30, he fell. As you grow older, you will have the opportunity to apply for more new faces. This will also increase competition.

He said if the retirement age is increased and the age at the bottom is not increased, unequal fields will be created. And if you increase the age at the top and increase the bottom, the balance will be. However, he also mentioned that experts have to think a lot about it.