Guidelines Need To Know In Bank Job Preparation

By   December 26, 2020

Bank Job Preparation is the most important for getting a Banking job. Today we discuss the preparation to get a bank job in Bangladesh.

Bank Job Preparation 2021

As the number of posts in the bank has increased, the number of candidates also increases continuously. There is a lot of competition now. In particular, to get a job in state-owned banks, including Bangladesh Bank, one has to go through several steps from the application process to the Viva exam. Before stepping into these highly competitive steps, many questions pop up in the minds of the candidates. This consultative article has been prepared in the light of these essential questions for the full preparation of the bank job.Bank Job Preparation 2021

Question No 1:
Is it possible to apply for a bank job by studying any subject? In this case, what is the effect of undergraduate /postgraduate studies on getting a Bank job?

This is a very common question that comes to the minds of almost all students. In a word, ‘background’ is not a matter of getting or getting a job in a bank. The real thing is to do well in exams. You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business.

Secondly, If you look at the job advertisements of Bangladesh Bank or state-owned banks, you will see that the minimum qualification to apply is graduation in any subject. Even in the case of private commercial banks, undergraduate or postgraduate candidates can apply in any subject other than certain positions.

Now let’s try to understand the impact of ‘studies’ in getting a job in a bank. Undoubtedly, banking, finance, management, economics, or other business-related issues are directly related to the banking profession. And you can get some extra benefits to Viva. However, the reflection is very low in terms of overall results.

Giving a few recent examples will make it clearer. This year, the first candidate in the recruitment examination for the post of Assistant Director of Bangladesh Bank is a graduate who has passed from BUET. In that batch, many like him have joined General Side after studying at different engineering universities.

Similarly, a significant number of candidates who have been appointed as Assistant Directors and Officers of the Bank in Bangladesh in the last few years have Bachelor’s / Master’s degrees in Science, Agriculture, Engineering and Technology. The equation is pretty much the same for state-owned top banks. Apart from that, degree holders can apply from the specialized departments of the bank such as IT, engineering, statistics, library, medical.

Question No 2:
What is the minimum academic result or CGPA if you can apply for a bank job? What is the role of CGPA in this case?

If you look at the recent job advertisements in the bank, you will see that there is a clear demand for the minimum educational qualifications and results to apply. For example, the applicant for the post of Assistant Director of Bangladesh Bank has to have a minimum bachelor’s degree in any subject including at least two first-class. However, the third class is not acceptable at any stage.

GPA based results are considered first-class if 3.75 is above 5 scale and second class if it is 2.81 to 3.75. Similarly, if CGPA is 3 or more on a 4 scale, first-class and from 2.25 to 3.00-second class will be taken. Anyone can apply for the job according to this calculation.

Question No 3:
Can I get a job in a bank after studying humanities? Many people say that if you don’t study commerce, you can’t get a bank job. Is it possible to study while working?

As I said in the previous question, science or humanities is not an important issue for getting a job. Depending on the preparation. After getting a job in a bank, there are some problems in the beginning due to different study subjects, but it doesn’t take long to get over.

There are opportunities for higher education, training in professional matters, which can help you to advance or excel. Apart from that, it is also necessary for bankers to pass the banking diploma examination. In this case, also there is an opportunity to know a lot about the profession.

For example:
Bangladesh Institute of Bank Bank Management (BIBM) has the opportunity to do full-time MBM with the financing of the bank after becoming the Assistant Director in Bangladesh Bank. Apart from this, it is also possible to do Masters’s and Ph.D. in deputation in reputed universities under the scholarships of various institutions outside the country. This facilitates the formulation and implementation of policies for the overall economy, development, and banking sector of the country; Acts as a banking career assistant.

This Guideline is given by the Deputy Director of Bangladesh Bank. These are the most frequently asked questions by the candidates. Hopefully, this will help them to solve their problems and also help them to achieve their desired job.