KDS Accessories IPO Lottery Result 2015

By   September 7, 2015

Next 10th September 2015 will be published KDS Accessories IPO Lottery Result. Next 10th September 2015 at 12.00 PM we are all known KDS accessories Ltd ipo lottery result. KDS accessories ipo lottery will be held on Chittagong Club at Chittagong.

KDS Accessories company known us that at all 800 crore Taka application has been submission in this times. They are hope totally 850 crore Taka application ipo has submitted. Investors were apply totally 10 th working day. The ipo submission started date was on last 9th August 2015 to 20 August 2015.

KDS Accessories collected 1 crore 20 lakhs Taka from share market by General share. For this reason the share company 0 Taka price with adds 10 Taka premium has been issues. The share market lot has 250 shares and the lot price 5000 Taka. Investors can caught the the per lot share by 5 thousands Taka.

Market Lot: 250 Shares
Total Taka: 5000 Taka
EPS: 2.29 Taka
NAV: 19.63 Taka
Total Shares: 1.20 Crore
General Public: 60 %
Affected investors: 20%
Non Residential of Bangladeshis: 10%
Mutual Fund: 10%
Total : 100% (48000 lots)

KDS Accessories collected money will be cost theirs under construction department and by this money they are used extend theirs business. Theirs others business or products are Packaging, Thread, Label & Tags, Hangers, Poly bags, Printing & Heat transfer and more others.

KDS Accessories Lottery Result download

Trading code
General Public
Affected Investor
Mutual Fund

Before KDS Accessories announced that the collected money costing sectors were fixed. The costing sectors were business extension, paid the bank loans, primary mass offering costing sectors etc. Bangladesh securities & Exchange commission has approved the ipo by theirs 545th meetings.

KDS Accessories ipo lottery result will be published date on 10th September 2015. The result will be published as PDF file. The results to be gets DSE, CSE, KDS Accessories website and our website. Although various online media has published the ipo lottery results by theirs page.

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