Islamic University Admission Test Result 2015-16

By   November 16, 2015

Islamic University A, B, C, D, E, F & G unit admission test result 2015-16. Kushtia Islamic University admission test 2015-16 session result and viva date published very soon here. The university all unit admission test results are gets in Islamic University website- and our website-

Last 15th November 2015 has been started Islamic University admission test 2015-16 session and the admission test will be end date on next 17th November 2015. All unit admission test will be taken in Islamic University campus in various departments.

Islamic University has 5 faculties and 22 department. The faculties are- Theology and Islamic Studies, Humanities & Social Sciences, Law and Shariah, Business Administration, Applied Science and Technology etc. Last day (15th November 2015) has been held Islamic University A unit admission test 2-015-16 and Today (16th November 2015) is published A unit admission test result.

There are givens unit wise subjects name of Islamic University. There are-
A Unit- Al- Quran & Islamic Studies, Dawah and Islamic Studies, Al-Hadith and Islamic Studies
B Uint- Bengali, English, Arabic Language and Literature, Islamic History and Culture & Folklore studies
C Unit- Economics, Political Science and Puliic Administration.
D Unit- Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Applied Nutrition and Food Technology.
E Unit- Applied Physics, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering.
F Unit- Mathematics, Statistics
G Unit- Accounting and Information Systems, Management, Finance and Banking and Marketing.
H Unit- Al-Fiqh and Law and Muslim Jurisprudence.

Islamic University Admission result 2015-16

A Unit Merit List
A Unit Waiting List
B Unit Merit List
B Unit Waiting List
C Unit Merit List
C Unit Waiting List
D Unit Merit List
D Unit Waiting List
E Unit Merit List
E Unit Waiting List
F Unit Merit List
F Unit Waiting List
G Unit Merit List
G Unit Waiting List

When completed held of Islamic University admission test 2015-16, then on this day will be declared admission test result 2015-16. A few days later will be notice 2015-16 session admission viva date of Islamic University website. All of information’s are available in Islamic University website.

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