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By   February 12, 2015

Australian National University honours exam timetable and semister exam result 2015. Australian National University education systems has been divided many sector as postgraduate, undergraduate PhD and others etc. Australian National University is a reputed undergraduate and postgraduate university in Australia. Australian National University more information gets here- and our Facebook fan page.

Australian National University is a public university in Australia. The university is the first classes university in Australia. The university location is Canberra, Australian capital Territory. It is the main campus of Australian National University. The university is used as teaching and research institutes.

Australian National University was established on 1946 and at present chancellor is Thee Hon Gareth Evans AC and vice- chancellor is Ian Young AO. The university total undergraduate students are 10231 and postgraduate total students are 8283. The university administrative staff are 3819. The university campus areas is 1.45 square kilometers.

By world wide university census we know Australian National University ranked always have on world’s top universities. In 2014 25th position of Australian National University census by QS World University and in 2014-15 Times Higher Education World University census the university position was 45th in the whole world.

Australian National University schools:
Australian National University all groups or schools are-
1. Arts and social science
2. Asia and the pacific
3. Business and Economics
4. Engineering and Computer Science
5. Law
6. Medicine, Biology and Environment
7. Physical and Mathematical Sciences.
Australian National University 7th faculties has more departments. The departments are given below mentioned of Faculties.

1. Arts and Social Science:
Faculty of arts and social science all subjects are- History, English Literature, Sociology, Philosophy, Political science, International relations, Anthropology, Art History, Latin American Studies, Classics, Archaeology, Drama, Film studies, Gender studies, Art & music school, Linguistics and European Languages etc.

2. Asia and the pacific:
Here studies to Asia and the pacific language related issues and subjects.

3. Business and Economics:
The school or faculties studies subjects are 6. And the subjects are Economics, Finance, Accounting, Actuarial Studies, Statistics and Management etc.

4. Engineering and Computer Science:
Engineering and Computer science subjects are- Algorithms and Data, Applied Signal processing, Artificial Intelligence, Center for Sustainable Energy Systems, Computer Systems, Computer Vision and Robotics, Data-Intensive Computing, Information and Human centered computing, Logic & Computation, Materials and Manufacturing, Semiconductor and Solar Cells and others.

5. Law:
Law faculty has total four departments as Commercial law, International law, Public law and Environmental law etc.

6. Medicine, Biology and Environment:
This faculties under subjects are Environment & Society, Biology, Psychology, Population Health etc.

7. Physical and Mathematical Sciences:
Astronomy & Astrophysics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematical sciences and Physics etc.

Australian National University library is situated in Canberra and the library was established on 1948.This library a vast collection of physics and 2.5 millions has physics volumes. The library has six categories as-
1. Art and Music Library
2. Chmeistry branch library
3. Earth Sciences branch library
4. Eccles Medical Sciences Library
5. Law Library
6. Caldwell Library

Australian National University studying students for lives the university campus has residential halls. There are- Bruce Hall, Ursula Hall, Burgmann College, John XXIII College, Toad Hall, Burton & Garran Hall, Graduate House and Fenner Hall etc.

Australian National University postgraduate and undergraduate any departments exam schedule and exam results gets here. The university out side students means foreign students can admission maintenance of Australian National University rules. For foreign students admission here opening scholarship. By scholarship any countries students can admit this universities any faculties.

Every year a lot of students can admission the university. Son per years will be held admission. And the admission has divided two ways or times as- one is summer admission and others is winter admission. Here also you can gets Australian National University admission test result.