Why Need Primary Education Board?

By   December 22, 2019

Why Need Primary Education Board? It is the essential for Primary Education. For this reason here we discuss why need primary education board of Bangladesh.

On November 7, the headline of a national daily was titled ‘Being a Board of Primary Education.’ The details of the matter were curious as a minor educator – I read in full silence the whole news. The information was revealed in an article published on Friday (December 23) in the newsletter.Why Need Primary Education Board?

At a glance:

  • Primary Education.
  • Formation: 1981.
  • Headquarters: Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Official Website: www.dpe.gov.bd.

The article also stated that the news published – that the pressure of the more than 1 million elementary exams can not be carried away by the Department of Elementary Education. Therefore, the government wants to finish the task of forming a primary education board to cope with this huge pressure. For this purpose, a draft of the Primary Education Board Act may already be submitted to the ministry for the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education.

Akram al-Hussein, secretary of the Ministry of Elementary and Mass Education, told reporters on Friday (November 27th) that we had done a lot of work on the primary education department to draft the law. There is a domestic meeting on draft. Doing so, the draft will be submitted to the ministry next month (December). We will finish the accessory and submit it to the cabinet immediately. The way I want to finish the work, I will be able to work on a separate board for primary education next year.

Director General of the Department said. AFM Manzoor Qadir told the journalist that more examinations were conducted in SSC or HSC than in all board exams. So there must be an education board for the exam. We are under tremendous pressure to take this test. The officers and employees of the department are busy with various tasks including BGS during the examination. Then our head office was closed. It is very difficult to get tested in thousands of jobs.

In response to a question, the Director General said that there would be a preliminary closing test. This test will not be taken. If you find out that there are preliminary tests in countries like Singapore, Finland. To ensure a quality test, the primary test must be kept competitive. And a board is required to hold this test.

Ministry of Primary and Mass Education and Department sources said that though there were dissatisfaction with the students and parents over the completion of the primary education test, the test will not be canceled soon. Therefore, the officials are now working to find a way to implement the Board of Education in the process of keeping the exam going.

Responding to a question regarding the appointment of manpower of the board, Director General AFM Manzoor Qadir said that the mandatory primary education implementation monitoring unit is no longer effective. That is, the unit does not work. Therefore, our decision is that if the primary education board is compulsory, then the mandatory primary implementation monitoring unit will be abolished and integrated into its manpower education board.

An official involved in the drafting task, while highlighting the rationale of setting up an education board, said that the department could not cope with the pressure of examining more than 1 lakh candidates who took the preliminary and paid termination exams. In SSC and HSC, where there are 4 boards for the examination of 1 lakh candidates, there is no board for 1 lakh in the primary.

It is learned that this time, the recommendation came from the Parliamentary Committee on the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education to form the Primary and Mass Education Board. Members of the parliamentary committee urged them to focus quickly on the fact that having no board for the examination of more than 1 lakh students is not good for the quality of education.

Parliamentary committee also opined that implementation of national education policy was not possible due to lack of speed in the ministry of primary and mass education. The committee also recommended the ministry be dynamic in their work to enhance the quality of education. The Department then sent a proposal to form an education board, giving the ministry clearance in principle.

With the nationalization of 20,000 schools in 28, the number of elementary schools has now increased by more than 4,000, but the department has the same workforce. Caring for schools and teachers has become difficult for a department. Not much work can be done in a timely manner. Yet again the responsibility of the exam.

Member Secretary of the National Education Policy Formulation Committee and former Director General of the National Academy of Education Management, Sheikh Ekramul Kabir, said that the burden of examinations of 5 to 12 lakh exams. If you give it to the department, it is difficult to take it. An alternative is to think. If you are late from the board, at least ten current boards can be given the responsibility of this exam. The educator believes that it is possible to get the benefits.
But why should a redundant board be formed? Why will the new bureaucrats’ employees be made priority by forming a board? The requirements of the Board are, as described above, the primary concluding and honorary madrasa examinations and the large number thereof. This number is even higher than the total number of exams of the secondary and upper secondary boards.

Now the question is, if the preliminary closing exam can be lifted, then surely all the hassles can be free. There is no logical reason to create another new board called the Primary Education Board. The Education Minister himself mentioned several times that this test will be taken. Although the Prime Minister says it seems that the bureaucrats do not want to take the preliminary examination. It is difficult to say whether it is in the interest of education or in our own interest.

The government has been running for a long time as a rule about the education of children in Bangladesh. For a long time I heard that the primary conclusion would be after reading up to eighth grade. This system is prevalent in many countries and does not require any board examination after finishing eighth grade. Without much examination, there is no improvement in the quality of his education or education – such as the transfer of educational institutions to the double-stored building, or the construction of multi-stored dormitories in the respective lands of the educational institutions.

What is our own life experience? By the early stages, we have been in a completely raw house. The teachers were high quality and they also taught with great kindness and sincerity. Their pay was just a name. The preliminary phase would end with the completion of the fourth grade. There was no closing system under any board at that time. Neither in the British period nor in Pakistan.

When the countrymen died and formed an independent sovereign Bangladesh in the 12th year, we all became extremely independent and sovereign. It was not that the bureaucracy was low. However, a large number of Bengali bureaucrats played a special role in the War of Liberation, so that they should become aware of that power and authority. The sudden bickering of a class led to the patronage of the bureaucrats in the interest of politicians. It was as if the process of eliminating the real, abandoned, patriotic politicians began. Today it has evolved as a result of more swelling.

Let us take a look at the process of decentralization of bureaucracy and the process of increasing the number of bureaucrats in Bangladesh.

Probably the hero of the military bureaucracy, General Ziaur Rahman, transformed the subdivisions into districts by illegally occupying power or raising the standards of the country. In the policy we got 3 Deputy Commissioners instead of 4 Deputy Commissioners; 3 SPs instead of 1 Superintendent of Police and 1 Additional Deputy Commissioner (in place of the previous one) and 2-1 Additional SPs (in place of one DSP). As a result numerous bureaucrats, their standard salary, office, residence, number of vehicles and expenses continued to increase.

Hussein Muhammad Ershad, another illegal military ruler, created the Upazila system in the name of decentralization. Upazila complexes, buildings and vehicles were built. Ministers used to ride bicycles in independent Vietnam (liberated by the long-term armed liberation war than us), but in our case, it is an eye-catching exception. The minister is a far cry. Looking at MPs, upazila chairman, UNO-headed vehicles (thinking about how much they need), it is understandable how much those cars cost.

Another administrative development is taking place recently. Creating one section after another. We have already got 3 sections instead of the three previous sections. As a result, at least seven additional divisional commissioners, additional divisional commissioners, police DIGs, additional DIGs, their offices, residences, vehicles, etc. There was also a sharp jump in the education sector to form one board one after another for every level of education in education, and there was also a large number of bureaucrats, carriages, and their standard accommodation.

With this competition to increase the number of bureaucrats, if the eye can be turned towards improving the quality of education, there is a definite decline in the quality of the eyes. The main rationale behind this step-by-step test is to keep students engaged in education. But educational institutions are not educated in the country, there are millions of different levels of coaching centers. And this coaching center is a guarantee of achieving good results. The best result is GPA Five, the golden deer called Golden Five. And running with him is the standard of education.

Finally, it can be said that the aim is to improve the quality of education.
One. Not to be confused with the burden of reading day and night – arrangements must be made for the teacher-educator at all levels and classes to read (not the coating center).

  1. Reduce the number of textbooks.
  2. No board exams are required before secondary.
  3. Determine the level of elementary education up to the eighth grade, but leave the examinations on the teachers of the respective schools without taking any board.
  4. Make music, dance education (up to a degree) compulsory for all levels of education.
  5. Make students’ cricket, football, and sports education compulsory at all levels.

Let’s see 20 years after implementing this six point. I am convinced that students will see much better quality than the current ones as a result of improving student quality.

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