U19 World Cup 2020 Champion Bangladesh

By   February 10, 2020

U19 World Cup 2020 Champion Bangladesh . The youth of Bengal made history. For the first time, the country has brought the title in the Under-19 World Cup. South Africa lost four-time champions India to the Dark Worth Lewis Method by 3 wickets at Pachyfestrum.

In order to chase down the easy target, two openers from Bangladesh, Eamon and Tanzid, started well. They were handling Indian bowlers very easily. The wicket was becoming easier as the match progressed. But Tanjid returned to the pavilion after scoring 50 runs on the score board. Tanjid returned after beating Ravi Vishnu with a catch in the hands of Kartik Tiagi.U19 World Cup 2020 Champion Bangladesh

The beginning of Vishnu, then Touhid returned to the heart after Mahmudul Hasan picked up Joy (8). He did not allow the martyrdom to stand. Vishnu trapped him in the stumping. The leg-spinner took four wickets in a short time and pushed Bangladesh into the backfoot.

Captain Akbar Ali came to the crease and tried to ease the pressure. But someone has to be with him! Shamim Hossain, Abhishek Das had to leave and Eman had to come back with an injury to catch the hard-hitting team. The pairing with the captain started to dream of winning the team again. Take the team towards a simple equation in all the bounties.

But his abandoned innings failed to bring Bangladesh to a World Cup title for the first time. He was the victim of the last ball of the 32th over. Ekman Singh was locked on the sidewalk with many outside off-stumps.

After his departure, captain Akbar Ali took over his shoulder. Simple goals become difficult to see. But Akbar proceeded to resolve his teeth by brushing his teeth.Due to the rain, the game is made easier after some time off. After the rain 7 runs needed to win 30 balls. Akbar, Rakibul did not get the velocity at all.

Earlier, Bangladesh bowlers proved their decision to field before winning the toss. They did not allow the powerful Indian batting order to go too far, leaving it within reach.

From the very beginning, the Tigers grabbed the wheel of India’s run. Abhishek Das returned to opener Dhiviyash Saxena after scoring just 9 runs in the team score. Another opener Jayashwal and Tilak Verma came under that pressure. Shakib returned Tilak by 38 runs. Then there was no one but two for Jurrell to score 22 runs. On the one hand, Jayashwal, who was struggling for the next time, left to stay just 12 runs away from the century. Shariful fell victim to India when he returned by 88 runs. They were able to score 177 runs in the end.

India: 177/10 (47.2) Jayashwal 88, Tilak Verma 38; Shariful 2/31, Shakib 2/28, Abhishek 3/40.
Bangladesh: 170/7 (42.1) Eman 47, Akbar 43 *; Vishnu is 4/30, Mishor 2/25.