Trump Tarrif imposed on all products in Mexico

By   June 18, 2019

US President Donald Trump has taken tough steps to control illegal entry from Mexico. Trump imposes duty on import of any product from Mexico.Trump Tarrif imposed on all products in Mexico

Trump Tarrif imposed on all products in Mexico

Trump said in a tweet on Thursday, local time that on June 10, 5 percent of the imports from Mexico for imports of goods have been imposed. The tariff will continue to increase gradually until illegal settlement issues from Mexico are addressed, Trump said in the tweet.

News Agency AP reported that tariffs may increase by 25 percent.

The imposition of trump tariffs is “destructive”, Mexico’s top diplomat, Jessica Sid said.

Sed said, “If it is imposed (tariff), then we have to give a tough answer.”

On Friday, May 24, a federal judge in Mexico issued temporary restrictions on the administration of President Donald Trump to use funds from the Defense Department to build a wall in Mexico Simante. Prior to this Trump Congress issued an emergency to collect money for the border wall project.

The White House said on Thursday that the International Emergency Economic Powers Act can be used to impose taxes on Mexico, Trump.

US President Donald Trump Photo: Reuters market President Donald Trump. Photo: ReutersThe US President Donald Trump has announced to impose customs duty on imported goods from Mexico to prevent immigrant immigrants. Trump said in a tweet that tariff will be imposed on 5 percent from June 10. Until the problem of illegal immigrants is resolved, the tariff will continue to grow gradually. This information was given in a BBC Online report on Friday.Donald Trump

Trump says it will be 5 percent by October. Then this rate will be 25 percent. In this statement Trump further said, “Mexico has not used us fairly well for years. But now we are demanding our rights as a sovereign state.