The main seven symptoms of the corona virus

By   April 10, 2020

The main seven symptoms of the corona virus. The deadly corona virus is growing every day with a row of corpses. In the meantime, the death toll from this deadly virus has dropped to over 95,000 worldwide. So far, no antibiotics or vaccines have been discovered.So the symptoms and remedies are needed to prevent the virus.

seven symptoms of the corona virus

The virus does not show any symptoms for 5 to 15 days after it has entered the body. First, there are various symptoms or symptoms, including fever, cough. Let’s know the main seven symptoms of corona virusMain symptoms of Corona Virus

Breathing problems

Breathing problems are one of the main symptoms of coronary trauma What we know as problem of breathing . Without coughing, this problem will arise. It seems to be stuck inside the chest and seems like not enough air is reaching the lungs.

Fever and dry cough

The first symptom of corona virus infection is fever. Professor of Preventive Medicine and Infectious Disease Expert in Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Dr. William Schrieffer said that fever is most accurate if it will measuring in before noon and evening. In addition, there may be dry cough.

Headache, throat and closed nose

According to the World Health Organization, at least 14 percent patient among six thousand patients in China had head and neck problems among the corona virus sufferers and 5 percent in cases of nosebleeds. However, this symptom is not very common and can also occur in general fluency problems.

Coldness and pain in the bone

Coldness will occur during the night and at the same time there will be increased bone pain. At the same time, the fever will also increase. The problem of chills is so high that tremors begin.

Digestion problem

In the first case, diarrhea is considered a symptom of corona virus. Many tests on the virus have shown that stomach problems are also involved.

Unable get smell and taste

When infected with this virus, the ability to taste and smell is lost. The problem of smell and taste is called Anosmia.


In the case of the novel corona virus, severe depression is regarded as a primary symptom. The World Health Organization found that at least 5 percent of the 6,000 people confirmed that they experienced depression after being infected with the virus.

What to do

Can’t get out of the house without much need. When you go out, use a mask. And keep your hands disinfected with soap for at least 20 seconds and wash your hands.

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