Sylhet City Corporation Election 2018

By   July 27, 2018

Sylhet City Corporation Election 2018. Upcoming city election going to held on July 30, 2018 along with Sylhet, Rajshahi and Barisal City Corporation.

Sylhet City Corporation Election 2018

Earlier, in the case of various irregularities in Khulna and Gazipur elections, the Mayor of the party is now busy doing busy busy in the elections of these three solicitors. But how is the environment of the election in these areas now? Are all the teams getting equal opportunities? BNP’s mayor candidate in Sylhet is alleged that they were being played in the campaign and they are playing various obstacles from the government team. BNP is alleged that the public parties are in the challenge of the election and the congregation’s discharges. Although Awali League is rejecting it. But how is the election situation in Sylhet? And how much or the signal of the partition between BNP and alliance? The election of the election was found to be initiated in Sylhet city.Sylhet City Corporation Election 2018

City corporation elections to Barisal, Rajshahi & Sylhet will be held on July 30, 2018. On last month the Election Commission announced in the election schedule. According to the election schedule announced, the last date for filing nomination is June 28 and withdrawing July 9. The nominations will be scrutinised through July 1 and 2.

Sylhet City Corporation Election 2018 result

BNP-led 20-party alliance’s mayoral candidate Ariful Haque Chowdhury, along with party leaders and activists, in Sylhet City Corporation elections started his campaign and billing hand bil poster after receiving the electoral symbol. The Candidate’s poster of the same parties rebel candidates of the Awami League, the BNP’s candidate’s is visible in everywhere.

But at the same time, a BNP-led Jamaat with the bus symbol, is also surrounded by the BNP-led Jamaat. It is more likely to discuss in Sylhet. Khibraz area of the city is talking to Abdul Alim. The violence in the profession said in this professor, the election now has been in the quarrel to the quarrel to the quarrel. He said, “With the Awami League-BNP, there is now the candidate of Jamaat. Besides, BNP’s rebel candidates also have all the personal positions here.” One of the Dolly Akhter said, because of the separate candidates of BNP-Jamaat, two teams will be in the face of losses.

Online update news Sylhet City Corporation Election 2018

Awami League will be benefited. But still, why did BNP-Jamaat separate candidates? Read more: Why did Jamaat, who blend the BNP counter candidate in Sylhet? Jamaya-e-Islami’s registration is invalid: The High Court UNMANGE Temporation Campaign, including Campir Bangla Image Caption, leaders of the team’s leaders and activists in Symby, the Amir and Mayor candidate of the Sylhet Metropolitan Jamaat, Arazul, Mahbul Zahyah. Jamaat’s Sylhet Metropolitan Amir and Mayor Candidate Ehsanul Mahbub Zubair said that his team has decided to give separate candidates in Sylhet to fulfill the compromise with the central BNP with the candidate. “We have supported BNP in Khulna-Gazipur.

In the same 12th City Corporation, we only wanted their support to a city. We had a target of Rajshahi or Sylhet. We also supported them in Barisal as well as in Rajshahi. But did not find their support in Sylhet. So here’s the first central leadership of Jamaat – e – Islami decided to choose, “said, Mr. Zubair. But how can I benefit from the separation of separation? Does this Jamaat-BNP’s candidate’s two candidates not being risk to lose the candidate? Mr. Zubaya said, “We are hopeful about winning. We’re working here for a long time. But the key is to say, the winter defeat is not all-win defeat. There is no change in state power here. It is very important for us to verify how our situation is in the field of politics. We do not want to miss the opportunity to verify how the support is supporting us. “The local leader of Jamaat is clear, the various corners, this group now wants to create a new position in politics around the city selection.

Sylhet City Corporation Election 2018 candidates

  • Awami League.
  • BNP.
  • And others.

Local leaders of both parties think that the result of the elections may significantly be altered under these circumstances. BNP top brass is considering Jamaat’s lack of cooperation as a forecast for future bargaining in the upcoming 11th parliamentary election.

They believe that the competition among BNP and Jamaat mayoral runners in Sylhet will eventually affect their political alliance. However, the Election Commission allotted the electoral symbols to the seven mayoral candidates and 127 general and 62 reserved seat councillor aspirants.

Ariful was given the “sheaf of paddy” symbol of BNP. Kamran got the “boat” the symbol of Awami League, while Ehsanul mahbub jubaye got the “wall clock” and Badruzzaman got the “bus.” They’re getting it in Sylhet. Although the leaders of the party were secretly running organizational activities in other areas, they are publicly participating in party activities and campaign in Sylhet. And the sight of the sight of the sight is seen in the eyes of the BNP.

BNP’s Mayor Candidate Ariful Haque Chowdhury said to me, “Before they had many problems.” BNP’s Mayor Candidate Ariful Haque Chowdhury said to me, “Before they had many problems.” Now there are no problems. There are many songs in politics.

There are no guarantees who did not drag to them again, “Those who drag them away from the time, they did not drag it again.” The mischief Chowdhury claims that the party’s clients are not behind the Chancellor of the Jamaat’s counter candidate. The purpose is to be held in the field of BNP, but not only Jamaat’s campaign, the candidate has not been followed by the BNP. The party’s National General Secretary Badruzzaman Salim has been withdrawn from the BNP. But the party’s alliance has been withdrawn from the BNP, but the issue of the party has not been withdrawn from the BNP, but the party’s alliance will not be able to do this in the case of the party’s initially, the party’s party’s politics and the support of the party will not be able to do any of the following, they are not able to do any of the majority of the party’s National General Secretary Badruzzaman Selim.

The party’s party’s initially attacked the number of people in the city, but in the city, the party’s officials have been in the campaign and the supporters of the party, they were not going to see the forthcoming of the party’s anti-party, but some people were working on some of the staff, they are doing a scare to the people’s ownership, but some people were working on some of the staff, they are doing a scare. ” Kni Ali, a student of BNP, who was the local leader of the student, said, “Many of us can not stay at home. There is no other place. Those who have no case or bail, they are also alleged in the house of the narrow-sight and the leaders and workers of the Bazar.”

The first time, in the elections, the leaders and workers will be able to stay in the election, the leading and activists of the rice will not be able to stay in the election field. The leadership of the rice is being made in the election field. The people of the Sylhet, who are similar to the Sylhet, the Channel, the Circle, who took the same way, which they are so troubling, the Gamana Mukh, who is so much trouble, “The same is that they are discussing the violence. There is a message that the voters are not discouraged.” Apart from these allegations are not a career. Awami League’s Mayor Candidate Badar Uddin Ahmad Kamran, the Mayor candidate of the Awami League, Baduruddin Ahmad Kamran, is a fifteen-leafy, the leader and the workers of the city, along with the leaders and workers of the city, are being risk with the leaders and workers. The supporters of the party are also in the festival.

The BNP’s complaint about the government’s military for the election situation and divide to the party and the party’s face is going on. With the kamran. He said, “The division of the BNP-Jamaat is the lead of their leadership. We’re doing our workfully. Why do we go to make you problems in the BNP always complains of differently. But can they also prove to us, where we have prevented them from their activities? “Mr. Kamran thinks that the elections in Sylhet will be fair and peaceful. And he wants to win the party’s power and popularity in the election. Although BNP, rebel candidate, BNP’s rebellious candidate, even the Jamaat-backed unique candidate, is also expressing their fear of fair environment. As such a fear, he said that the opposition mayor of Khulna and Gazipur. And in the end, they were defeated in huge elections to the government’s candidate.