Simtex Industries IPO Lottery Draw Result 2015

By   October 5, 2015

Simtex Ltd ipo lottery result 2015. Tomorrow (06th October 2015) is to be held the ipo lottery draw activities on 11.00 AM at Rawa convention center (Rawa Club) Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The news ensure by Simtex Industries limited cheif Financial officer (CFO) Ashis Kumar Shah.

Mentioned that Bangladesh Securities And Exchange Commission (BSEC) theirs 547 th general meetings has been approved for ipo share. The shares submission first date was on last 24th August 2015 but Unavoidable reasons the ipo submission date has been delayed and the date was on 23rd September 2015.

We are all know that Simtex Industries Limited ipo share submission date duration has been same to General public, Affected small investors and Non- residential of Bangladeshis. The ipo shares submission date has been delay for unexplained reasons. So the shares authority again has been fixed the submission date and the submission date was 06th September 2015 to 14th September 2015.

By the source of primary mass offering analytic s the company shares total 990 crore 70 lakhs and 20 thousands deposit money has been submission form ipo shares. The deposit money is the equl of applications divided by 16.51. By this ipo shares Simtex industries limited company a lot of money collected from share market.

Simtex ipo lottery draw result

Bank branch code (serially)
General Public
Affected Small Investors
Refund Warrant

Actually Simtex industries limited ipo lottery result will be published by Simtex company website. Not only the company website, but also oure website will be declared the simtex ipo lottery draw results here. Clearly we are upload here Simtex industries limited ipo lottery result 2015.

At a glance:
submission date : 6th September 2015 to 14 September 2015
Market lot (shares): 300
Market lot price: 6000 Taka
Per share price: 20 Taka
Premium: 10 Taka
EPS: 3.33 Taka
NAV: 19.60 Taka

Bangladesh securities and Exchange limited perhaps the simtex industries limited company’s share ipo approved by 547th General meetings by primary mass offering. The share company issue sharing responsibilities by AFC Capital Limited and Imperial Capital Limited.

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