Scholarship in Saudi Arabia| HSC or Alim Pass Candidates Can Apply.

By   August 3, 2020

Scholarship in Saudi Arabia. Taibah University, located in the city of Medina Munawwara in Saudi Arabia, is offering undergraduate scholarships to Bangladeshi Muslim students. Right now, in the academic year 1442 AH (2020-21), a four-year bachelor’s (honors) degree full scholarship is being applied for.

Study In Saudi Arabia 2020

Saudi Arabia Scholarship information

Taibah University is ranked 91-100th out of 800 universities in the world and 15th in Saudi Arabia. Scholarships include accommodation for students with modern facilities. There are also monthly stipends, annual payments for book purchases, transport facilities, health insurance, air ticket scholarships to and from the country each year, 1800 riyals allowance on arrival in Saudi Arabia, family visas for married people, and accommodation, and Hajj and Umrah opportunities.

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Scholarship in Saudi Arabia, Taiba University

Taiba University has to maintain the quality of education, the education curriculum is a completely modern, computerized lab. Numerous book-rich libraries and e-libraries. Debate, Seminar-Symposium. Monthly visits to historical places under the supervision of professors. Scout, gymnasium, martial arts, photography, fine arts, swimming training, and much more.

Topics to study at Taiba University

Tafsir, Kirat, Islamic Studies, and Arabic. Almost all subjects including Pharmacy, Architecture, Computer Science, English, Tourism, Journalism, Economics.

Requirements To Study

  • The age of students in the scholarship cannot be more than 25 years.
  • If you have received a scholarship from another university or organization in Saudi Arabia, the application will be rejected.
  • Intermediate / Alim Certificate and Marksheet.
  • Passport.
  • Must be valid for at least 6 months.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Arabic.
  • Tajikistan (Recommendation).
  • Girls can also apply, but a copy of the girl’s mahram or valid guardian’s iqama must be attached to the application.

Apply Link-

If you apply, you can be admitted to Medina University with a scholarship.

Educational Facilities in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia study 2020

Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in Asia. Whose official name is Al Mamlaqatul Arabia As Saudia. Saudi Arabia is not only a rich country but also a holy place of pilgrimage in the Muslim world. The advent of Islam took place in this holy land.

So Saudi Arabia also has a responsibility towards the Muslim world. In order to develop the education and culture of the backward Muslim countries, the universities of Saudi Arabia provide higher education opportunities to the students of the Muslim countries every year. Universities in Saudi Arabia are well ahead in the global rankings. Going further than that in providing educational services and related facilities to the students.

Higher education opportunities Scholarship in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Scholarship

Higher education opportunities in Saudi Arabia are open to all. However, Madrasa students are given priority as they know the Arabic language. Even Qaumi students have endless opportunities. You can also apply with Qawmi Madrasa Board or just Madrasa Certificate. The terms and conditions of the application are given below.

Application Conditions

  1. Students admitted for honors-level should be less than 25 years of age. Masters level students 30 years and p. H. D. Must be under 35 years of age for this.
  2. If the applicant is a scholarship from any other institution in Saudi Arabia, his application will not be accepted.
  3. In order for students to apply for a scholarship, they must have a valid maqam in the province where a mahram university is located in Saudi Arabia
  4. If a student is expelled from a university in Saudi Arabia for any reason, his application to any other university will not be accepted.
  5. Local law in Saudi Arabia will apply to scholarship students. So students must accept that.
  6. No politics, terrorism, or extremism can be pursued or discussed outside the law of Saudi Arabia.
  7. Scholarship students will be supervised by the university while studying at the university.
  8. Scholarship students will have to return to the country after completing their vocational specific course.
  9. Those who are not Muslims by birth will need a certificate of conversion to Islam.
  10. Those who want to apply for Honors must apply within five years after passing the Higher Secondary.

Required Documents

  •  Alim or higher secondary or equivalent certificate.
  •  Alim or Higher Secondary or equivalent mark sheet.
  •  Alim or higher secondary or equivalent testimonials.
  •  Birth certificate.
  •  Passport.
  • Picture (8 * 4) size. (Without hat and glasses, background white)
  • Medical Fitness Certificate (Available from the District Civil Surgeon’s Office).
  • Tazkia or character certificate of two Islamic personalities.

Those who accept Tajikistan in Bangladesh

  1. Allama Sultan Yaqoob Nadvi, Jamia Darul Maarif Al Islamia, Chittagong.
  2.  Mao: Khalilur Rahman Madani, Khatib, Dhaka Kataban Jame Mosque
  3. Waliur Rahman Khan, Muhatdis, Islamic Foundation Bangladesh.
  4. Shaykh Abdus Samad Salafi
  5. Shaykh Mohiuddin Farooqui and others.
  6. Hafez if Hifz certificate.
  7.  Ikamar copy of mahram guardian in case of application of students.
  8. All documents must be translated into Arabic from a government-approved translation agency and attested by a notary public.
  9. It is not necessary to attest to the Ministry and the Embassy to apply to the University of Medina. However, if the scholarship is to be accepted, the certificate must be attested by the relevant board, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, most recently, by the Saudi Embassy.

The application process for Qomi students

  • Students of Qawmi Madrasa at Islamic University Medina have the opportunity to apply. When you complete the application form, an option Government ๏ Private will appear on the second page. Then those under the government-approved board will select the students of Government and Qawmi Madrasas Private.
  • If you select Private, the names of certain madrasas in Bangladesh will appear. If you have the name of your madrasa, you select it and fill the application form.
  • And if you do not have the name of the organization, you will see Not available at the bottom of the page. Select it and enter the name of your madrasa.
  • Now, if you have completed Takmil, it is better to apply with it, and if you have stayed till Fazilat, then you can also apply with it.

All you need to Apply

If you have passed the Befaq Board examination with all the above-mentioned documents, then its certificate. Or Madrasa certificate and Madrasa testimonial. If you have done an Arabic course, you can also give its certificate (optional). The rest of the process is the same as above.

Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

  1. Salary and examination fee waiver for scholarship students.
  2.  Relevant books are provided free of cost in some departments and institutes of the universities.
  3. Those who will get ‘Mumtaz’ results in the exam without any kind of failure are given extra stipend at a fixed rate at a specified time.
  4. University authorities subsidize students’ food bills at designated restaurants at fixed rates.
  5. University authorities provide free accommodation for scholarship students.
  6. Scholarships are available for scholarship students at a fixed rate per month (Honors, Masters, Ph.D.).
  7. Scholarship students have free round-trip tickets to and from the university each year.
  8. As per the need, the university has its own hospitals and government hospitals with free medical treatment and medicines.
  9. Hajj and Umrah were performed on behalf of the university and they were taken on educational tours to various historical and scenic places at different times.
  10. There are also Sahih Deen, Iman Aqeedah courses, Dars, where books are often distributed free of charge, and scholarships and refreshments are provided at various times inside and outside the university in Saudi Arabia.

Application time

The Saudi Ministry of Education has been providing scholarships to foreign students in 25 and more universities. Of these, only about 75 percent of students at the University of Medina receive foreign scholarships. There is an opportunity to apply throughout the year. In addition, other universities offer limited seats for a limited period of time. Which is promoted as news on the web site of every university.

Links to some websites are provided

King Saud University, Riyadh

Website link: ,

Umm al-Kur University, Mecca

Online application link: https: //

Princess Nura bint Abdur Rahman University for Women, Riyadh

Online application link

King Fahad Petrol Jachadhasadhar Mineral University, Dammam

Website link

Islamic University, Medina Munawwara

Website link

King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah

Website link

Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University, Riyadh

Website link

The University of Dammam

Link to apply

Qasim University, Qasim

Website link

Al Baha University, Al Baha

Website link;jsessionid=53b096192b107902d3c208019f2f.

Zayan University, Zayan

Website link

Al Jawp University, Sakaka

Website link

Najran University

web site link

Northern Border University

Web site link