Rajshahi University Admission Test Result & Circular 2018-19

By   August 11, 2018

Rajshahi University Admission Test Result & Circular 2018-19. The application will start on September 3, 2018. Rajshahi university’s Admission test 2018-19 for the Honors first year admission, MCQ system will be continued again. For more details visit- www.ru.ac.bd.

Rajshahi University Admission Test Result & Circular 2018-19

The test will be held on 22 and 23 October 2018. The application will begin on September 3 and till 12 September. On July 23, the University Admission Sub-Committee meeting decided to take the admission test in written system. But on Monday morning the admission committee meeting canceled the decision and the MCQ system has been kept in force. The question will be the same as before. Matters of Science and Banking Insurance category increased 10 seats. There are 50 seats in the business and commerce section. Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Anand Kumar Saha confirmed the information.Rajshahi University Admission Test Result & Circular 2018-19

Online Rajshahi University Admission Test Result & Circular 2018-19

Sub-Registrar AHM Aslam Hosn, academic branch of the university said that admission will be made initially by September 55 online for the first time. There will be no opportunity to participate in the second year admission test from next year. But there is a possibility of written admission test. The sub-registrar further said that after the selection of the results, the opportunity to participate in 32,000 admission tests in every unit. 1254 for selected ‘A’ and ‘C’ units, 726 for unit ‘B’ 990 for ‘D’ unit and 1122 for ‘E’ unit will be submitted. In order to apply for admission in the admission test, the students of Humanities section of SSC, HSC or equivalent in both the exams will have the minimum GPA 3.50 including the total GPA 7.50, in both the examinations in the trade section, the minimum GPA 3.50 including GPA 3.50 and the total GPA 8.00 in both the examinations. Total GPA 3.50, including fourth subject, must have total GPA 8.50.

Rajshahi University Admission Notification 2018-19. Last year’s humanitarian population was as follows. This year could be the same. In 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, students who have passed HSC / equivalent examinations in SSC and equivalent examinations in 2016, will get the opportunity to participate only in the admission test.

Details of Rajshahi University Admission Test Result & Circular 2018-19

  • Minimum point: (with 4th issue).
  • Science -3.5 + 3.5 = 8.0.
  • commerce -3.5 + 3.5 = 7.5.
  • Humanities-3.0 + 3.0 = 7.0.

NB: The applicant does not apply to any unit if he want. The eligibility for the Unit is HSC pass from the same Group like Humanities,science or Commerce will be applicable.:-

GPA calculation and other information. The admission test prohibits the use of all electronic devices, including calculators, mobile and clock. No number is counted on the GPA in the admission test. As per last year, the number of Rabi seats is as follows. There may be some repercussions.

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Unit Based Seat Number and Conditions in the Academic Year:

Unit A: Faculty of Arts: Sections (Seat Number):

  1. History (110).
  2. English (100).
  3. Bangla (100).
  4. History of Islamic Culture (110).
  5. Language: Urdu (40).
  6. Sanskrit (56).
  7. RBI (110).
  8. Islamic Studies (110).
  9. Natyakala (25).
  10. Congress (30).
  11. Persian language and literature (40).
  • Question Types and Humanities:
  • MCQ test is the full number 100.
  • Bangla- 30.
  • English- 30.

The other number is 40. However in the field of drama and music section number 30. For the Department of Natyakala and Music. Under the practical test. Practical Examination Pass Number 40. Eligible candidates can take practical tests on MCQ examinations. For Bangla division, the number 15 must be of MCQ in Bengali section. In the case of the English department, maximum 1200 written test results of MCQ’s English section 30 can be given.

Admission written test: Reading Comprehension – 25 and Essay – 25. Merit list will be done based on the number obtained in written examination.

Unit B: Faculty of Law and Justice
Sections (Seat Number):
Law Group (110).
Law and Land Administration (50).

Question Types and Humanities:
The admission test will be held in two parts. in it….
‘A’ – MCQ – 80 number.
‘B’ – written no. 120.__
Total number 100.
‘A’ part (MCQ):
Bangla – 30.
English- 30.

There will be number 12 in Bangla and 12 in English.
‘B’ (written):
Bangla- 10.
English- 10.

The written examinations of the candidates who have passed the MCQ examination are evaluated. Minimum number of conditions are not applicable for candidates in the group group quota.

Unit C: Faculty of Science
Sections (Seat Number):
Guinat (110)
Physics Science (90)
Resence (100),
Stats (90),
Complete Chemistry and Inspiration Science (50),
Farmness (50),
Population Science and Human Resources Development (60),
Found Mathematics (80),
Physical Education and Sports Science (Science-14 and Unconscious -16).

Participants can be admitted to all departments of this faculty. A + C part answer can be admitted to other departments other than science, chemistry and inspirational science. Physics, chemistry, biology should be in HSC to get admission in pharmacies, chemistry and inspirational science. A minimum of 26 will be obtained in part, at least 6 in b & c part.

For the science section:
Bangla -30.
English- 30.

  • Minimum 12 in Bangla and minimum 7 in English.
  • Students of discretion can only be admitted to Physical Education and Sports Science.
  • Physical education and sports science.
  • The department has to give practical examination, pass number 32.

Unit D: Business Administration:
Sections and Seats: (Trade + non-trade):
Finance – (85 + 15).
Accounting and Information Systems -(100 + 10).
Management – (85 + 15).
Marketing – (85 + 25).
Banking and Insurance – (44 + 6).
Total seats – 470.

Question Types and Humanities: MCQ test: For trade branches.

  1. English – 30.
  2. Accounting Science – 30.
  3. Business Education (Business organization and Management, finance, Banking and insurance, production and Marketing)-40.

For non-businesses:

  1. Bangla – 30.
  2. English – 30.
  3. Theology and Mathematics – 40.
  4. The number 40 is not in any way different, collectively, all the things will be mixed.

Unit E: Social Science : categories (number of seats):
Finance (110).
Science of science (110).
Community work (90).
Social Sciences (100).
Communication and Journalism (50).
Information Science and Library Management (66).
Local Administration (60).
Natural Science (56).
Focalor (66).
International Relations (40).

Question Types and Humanities – MCQ.
Bengali 35
English 45
Sagyan 20 & Total number 100.

For economics department, there should be Economics / Mathematics / Statistics in HSC and there should be minimum A grade in these subjects.

Unit F: Faculty of Biology and Geology.
categories (number of seats):

Science of Meditation (88).
Purology (80).
Geography and Environment (76).
Medical Psychology (26).
High degree and Mining (60) 6. Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology (40).
Psychology (66).

Unit G: Faculty of Agriculture- categories (number of seats):

  • Agronomy and Agricultural Extension (56).
  • Fisheries (50).
  • Annual Hazardry and Vetneri Science (50).
  • Crap Science And Technology (56).

Unit H: Faculty of Engineering:  categories (number of seats):

  • Fluid materials and electronic engineering (50).
  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (70).
  • Computer Science and Engineering (46).
  • Information and Communication Engineering (46).
  • Meteorological Science and Technology (30).
  • Electronic and Electronic Engineering (30).
  1. 20 questions in terms of the question -30 number.
  2. 20 questions in the question -30 number.
  3. Caration 20 questions -30 number.
  4. 5 questions in ??ICT-5 number.
  5. Five questions in English-5 number.
  6. substances, mathematics, chemistry.
  7. The value of each question is 1.5.
  8. And every question of ICT and English is numbered 1.
  9. There will be a total of 100 exams.

Unit I: Faculty of Fine Arts: categories (number of seats):

  • Art, Orient, and Chart paintings (45).
  • Art and sculpture (30).
  • History of graphic design, crafts and crafts (45).

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Unit J: (Business Administration) – 275.

Unit K: (Education and Research) – 275.

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