What will be Happened in PSC and JSC exam 2020

By   August 1, 2020

What will be Happened in PSC and JSC exam? Corona or Covid-19 has stopped the whole world. In Bangladesh, this deadly contagious disease was first identified on March 8. Then on March 17 all educational institutions in the country were declared closed. That situation is still ongoing. This information is known in an article published in Prothom Alo on Friday (July 31).PSC and JSC Result 2020


PSC and JSC exam 2020

The article further states that like other countries, life in Bangladesh has never been completely stopped. Although public health experts have repeatedly suggested doing so. We have given priority to livelihood in the question of life and livelihood. Due to this in other cases also exemption is given subject to certain conditions.

Research is going on with this good and bad news. However, one thing is very clear that this did not happen as it was feared that the corona would spread in Bangladesh in such a horrible form, we could not get out of its grip for four long months.

The people of the country are spending their days in anxiety. They have no choice but to rely on destiny. Children and the elderly are the most miserable victims of this fate. In the village, however, the wind, light, and sun are gathering on their foreheads; But the elderly and children of the city are also deprived of natural light and air.

We don’t know where the result will go. However, the news that violence against women has increased is coming out every day. Needless to say, children’s mental health is at grave risk. Children are the future of the nation. But we are absolutely indifferent to them.

The first state incentive for garment owners was announced to turn the wheel of the economy in the country. As a result, tailor girls are the first to be put at risk. we are not a little worried about the physical and mental well-being of women.

A woman is simultaneously a daughter (child), sister, wife, and mother. In the socio-economic context of Bangladesh, the contribution of women in earning income is not acknowledged at all. But in this society women keep the social bonds intact. Women have to give unlimited labor. Whether it is a girl or an old woman whatever. The twelve responsibilities of maintaining all social relations are on the shoulders of women. In the case of children, they bear the responsibility of sixteen.

Giving birth to a child, making him human, feeding him, caressing him, taking care of his education and health are all women’s responsibilities. Sometimes as a sister, sometimes as a mother-aunt-aunt, sometimes as a grandmother-grandmother, women play this very important role. The role of women in crop production and conservation is also huge in agrarian Bangladesh; It is better to say, almost equal to men. But there is no recognition of all this in our society. That is why children are the first victims of neglect towards women.

Life in Bangladesh is strange during Corona. Nothing is off, again nothing is going well. Education and healthcare in the most stagnant. There are very few people going to the doctor now. Not afraid to go. Fear of infection. Clinics, hospitals are patient less. Sighing. And the wheel of education is useless.

Although some classes are started online, their role is negligible. Needless to say, children are the most at risk in education. And who doesn’t know, the pressure of education is most on the children in Bangladesh. And the pressure of the test is terrible.

There are all sorts of weird experiments with education in Bangladesh. Scholars and experts can write a book on how much of it is native to the brain and how much of it is imposed. But I can at least say that the burden of books and exams on the shoulders of children in Bangladesh is the highest in the world.

That is so much more than 20 or 30 times more than any other country. It also broke all records in the Asian trial. All over the world, education and examinations are done in their respective institutions. But it is unimaginable for the unfortunate children of this country. Fifth and eighth graders carry twenty gems of ‘public examination’ on their necks!

Our children have been the victims of this limitless cruelty for a decade. Conscious citizens of the country, academics, and parents have been protesting since the imposition of these two additional exams. But ignoring them, this unheard-of child abuse game is going on.

Those who can carry the burden, the burden is the least on their shoulders. Uncertainty about high school exams is not cutting it. The country is floating in various theories with bachelor’s or master’s exams. Among them, the country will deal with all the theories like ‘auto-promotion’, ‘taking exams in fewer subjects’, ‘taking exams by reducing marks’. Teachers, parents, administrators are forbidden to sleep. The question of how much the health risks of the examines, teachers, and administration officials can be increased by sitting for these examinations is certainly not irrelevant.

But the idea is that there is no risk for anyone in the final PSC and JSC exams. Half the year has passed. If you follow last year’s formula, there are only three months ahead. Then you have to take this ‘unnecessary’ test. Primary and Mass Education is responsible for primary completion and the Ministry of Education is responsible for the JSC examination. Boards of education take JSC, NEP (National Education for Primary Education).

They are happy in this huge task but not less. Registration, preparation of question papers, printing, distribution, determination of centers, taking exams are some of the hundreds of such tasks. Doing these things in accordance with the issued hygiene rules is not easy at all. But no one is bothering about the ‘unnecessary and torturous’ preliminary final and junior certificate exams. As a result, no one knows what the government will do.

All Education Board

There are total eight education Board in Bangladesh Where JSC, JDC, PSC, PEC Exam is held. All Education Board JSC, JDC, PSC, PEC routine is similar. Here is the name of all the education boards of Bangladesh.

[table id=32 /]

PSC Routine 2020

PSC means Primary School Certificate. It is also called Primary Education Certificate Exam (PECE).  If you are a PSC or JSC candidate this article is for you.

Overview of PSC and JSC Exam 2020

Last year, the authority declared that the PSC and Ebtedayee exam was the last primary somaponi exam in Bangladesh. They also said that the PSC exam will no longer available in 2020. So, last year around 20 Lacs of students had attended the exam from all over the country. This year around 21 lacks students will attend PSC exam The exam fee for the PSC and Ebtedayee is 60 Taka, which is fixed from Primary Education Board.

JSC means Junior School Certificate Examination. According to the Education Board of Bangladesh and the ministry of education Bangladesh every year PSC and JSC will start in November. But this year everything is stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the authority try to take all the exams this year. JSC is the second public exam for the student. Every year thousands of examines has taken part in the JSC Exam. Like in this year 2020, almost 24,82,342 students will take part in the exam.

JSC Subjects with Code

  • Bangla -101
  • English -107
  • ICT- 154
  • Islamic Studies – 111
  • Hindu religion – 112
  • Buddha Religion – 113
  • Christian Religion – 114
  • Bangladesh and Global Studies – 150
  • Math – 109
  • General Science – 127

PSC Exam Result 2020- dpe.gov.bd Result

The Bangladesh Primary Education Board authority will be publishing the PSC and Ebtedayee result on their official website dpe.gov.bd. You can also find out all other information about the PSC exam on our website www.resultbdnews.com.

JSC Exam Result 2020-www.educationboardresults.gov.bd Result

Bangladesh Education Board Result Portal published the JSC /JDC exam result. You can find out the result by clicking on www.educationboardresults.gov.bd. You can also find out all other information about the PSC exam on our website www.resultbdnews.com.

PSC & JSC Result 2020 Grading System

In the PSC and Ebtedayee exam, the authority of the Primary Education Board is publishing the result with a conventional grading point system. We show the grading system chart for your betterment. Here the chart is given below.

[table id=31 /]

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