Nokia E1 Android Smartphone Market Price 2016

By   November 17, 2015

Nokia E1 Android smartphone recently will be launch in market. The news source by Nokia. We know that Nokia’s market was at one time a very unsatisfactory. But the dominance of Nokia for a long time could not hold. Nokia to sell their copyrighted material that has been with Microsoft. Until their agreement with Microsoft was 2016.   Nokia E1 Android Smartphone Market Price 2016

Nokia Mobile phone maker organization announced that, very soon they will be launch android Nokia smartphone in smartphone world. Nokia brought before the market Features phone and Symbian Operating system phone. But now they are determine that in a short time will be launch android smartphone ” Nokia E1″.

Already Nokia company published various pictures released of Nokia E1 in Market places. Nokia E1 smartphone designed by Russian designer Dimitri Mezzanine. There is every inch of masterly skill. Eventually the smartphone body will be making the metal. Although good quality body also well. Nokia E1 smartphone tilting the display.

At a glance:
Name: Nokia E1
First arrival: January 2016
Camera: 20 Megapixel and secondary 5 Megapixel
Memory: 32 GB and 2 GB RAM
Display: 4.9 Inch (High definition display)
Processor: 2.3 Gigahertz & 64 Bit
Graphics: 6430 Power VRG
Battery: 2700 mAh battery
Others: Android Lollipop, Android 6 Marshmallow and others etc.
Market price: 200 to 300 US$ Dollar.

Nokia E1 Android Phone 2015

A long times later Nokia again coming in market bring to Nokia E1 android smartphone. The smartphone givens all android facilities for smartphone users. May be next year (2016) first time Nokia E1 smartphone coming soon in market and the smartphone market price will be 200$ to 300$. And Bangladeshi market price is 15 thousands to 20 thousands Taka only.

Nokia company wants to be catching again mobile market by theirs new features android smartphones. For this next year will be launch Nokia’s new android smartphone Nokia E1. The news ensure by Nokia company. If you enjoy the post or article then share it to others friends; which they are reading and enjoy it. And likes our Facebook fan page