How To Register Teachers Of New MPO Registered Institutions

By   May 1, 2020

MPO Registration 2020. How To Register Of New MPO Registered Institutions Teachers? Here we discuss details of how to MPO Registration by emis. The registration link is-

MPO Registration 2020

Teachers-employees of the newly MPO registered educational institutions have to apply online for MPO registration as per the prevailing rules. After the final verification and selection, the list of schools and colleges has been sent to the Department of Secondary and Higher Education from the Ministry of Education. Now the code number will be given.MPO Registration 2020

Teachers and employees can apply only after getting the code number. In this regard, the director general of the department Syed Md. Ghulam Farooq told reporters, “Verification and selection work is done. Now waiting for the notification to be issued. We are also doing some ground work during the holidays. So that all the work can be completed in the fastest time.

After the notification is issued, the teachers and employees have to apply online for MPO registration as per normal rules. However, everyone will be given necessary instructions from the department so that all the work is completed as soon as possible.

Last 10 years MPO registration has been shutdown. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina last 23 October is announced that newly 2730 organization will be MPO registered. Which is expected to take effect from July. However, about 30,000 teachers and employees of those institutions have not yet received the benefit of MPO registration.

Secretary of the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education Mr Md. Mahbub Hossain told us, “We have all kinds of preparations for the teachers and employees to get their salaries and allowances within the current financial year.” Work is underway to register a new MPO even during the holidays. The work is being done online with the code number of the educational institution. Necessary instructions have been given to the Department of Secondary and Higher Education in this regard.

Education department officers announced that in present teachers and employees have to apply for MPO registration online. As per the rules, the MPO related documents of each teacher-employee will be uploaded online by the head of the institution in a specific manner.

After that the Upazila Secondary Education Officer will send it to the District Secondary Education Officer after verification. If he is satisfied, he will send the document to the regional deputy director. The Deputy Director will dispose of it and present it to the Central Committee on MPO for final approval. It is finalized at every odd monthly meeting.

Concerned people say that, teachers have to swear in four ghats. Without a bribe most of their teachers can’t get a paper out of an office. As a result, it has become difficult for all teachers and employees to get MPO in the current financial year. This work cannot be completed without special instructions. And if this MPO is not completed, it will not be possible to register a new MPO in the next financial year.

However, the education secretary said, “New MPO registration activities will be conducted in the next financial year subject to payment.”

New MPO registered institution will need 40 Papers

New MPO registered and steps institutions,teachers and staff will need about 40 types of documents. However for some people, it may not take one or two papers. There are some differences between those who have been recruited through NTRCA and those who will need the paperwork to be recruited through the committee or those who have been recruited before the start of NTRCA.

See list of 40 papers

There are 40 papers is below given:

MPO list of 40 papers

Collected From Dainikshiksha

How to Apply Procedure of MPO

Newly listed and upgraded school and college teachers for MPO must register first through EMIS ( Get ready the information required for this process. This is the first step. Teachers have to do this.EMIS Registration Rules

After registration the next step is done by the head of the organization. They will upload more information about the organization into the MPO software. The heads of the organizations will enter the software with the password they have and give all the information needed. Passwords will be sent to the heads of institutions from the Department of Secondary and Higher Education. If not, it can be obtained from the district or upazila education office.

After enter EMIS there must have two menu-bars in the upper side. One is for register and another is for login. New teachers will click on the register menu. Then you will see that the online registration page which is written in English has opened. Just below it, you will see two menu-bars written in English, one is for non-govt college teacher and the other is for non-govt school teacher. The type of teacher you are, will go to that menu.emis registration 1emis registration 2emis registration 3

(For Bengali) For registration, the information are needs for teachers.

১. নাম (একবার বাংলায় একবার ইংরেজিতে) Name (Once in Bangla and Once in English)।
২. পিতা ও মাতার নাম ইংরেজিতে (Father’s and Mother’s name (In English)।
৩. জন্মতারিখ (Date of Birth)।
৪. জাতীয় পরিচয়পত্র (National ID).
৫. মোবাইল নম্বর (Mobile Number)।
৬. নিজ জেলা (Home District)।
৭. ব্যক্তিগত ইমেইল। Personal Email & Wrong Email is not allowed.
৭. পদের ধরণ, বিষয় ও নিয়োগ সুপারিশকারী। Position type, subject and recommendation.
৮. বর্তমান পদবি ও প্রতিষ্ঠানের নাম (Present Designation and Organization Name).
৯. যোগদানের তারিখ (date of Joining)।
১০. এনটিআরসিএ পরীক্ষার বছর ও রোল নং (Exam year and Roll no of NTRCA)।
১১. নিজের স্কান করা ছবি আপলোড করবেন (Upload scanned picture of own)।
১২. নিয়োগ সংক্রান্ত সংযুক্তি যেমন নিয়োগ ও যোগদানপত্র স্কান করে আপলোড করতে হবে।
Recruitment attachments such as recruitment and joining letter should be scanned and uploaded.

For registration click below link-

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