Medical Admission (2015-16) Exam Result

By   August 17, 2015

Medical College (MBBS) and BDS session 2015-16 admission test circular, admit card and admission In our country all medical college admission examination date 2015 has been announced. Next 18 September 2015 will be held Medical college admission test 2015-16. The admission examination date published source of The daily Jugantor newspaper.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare announced that 2015-16 Medical college and BDS admission test date is fixed. In our country all medical colleges and Dental medical colleges admission examination date on 18 September 2015. Before the admission examination date has 2nd October 2015.

There are many Medical colleges of Bangladesh. Some are Government and some are Non Government. The Government and Non- Government medical colleges digits are givens below:
Government Medical colleges – 29
Private medical colleges – 64
Government Dental medical colleges – 9
Private Dental Medical colleges – 24

Government Medical colleges total seats are 3 thousands 162 and Non- Government Medical colleges seats are 5 thousands 325 as MBBS courses. On the others hand Dental Medical Colleges (Government) seats are 5 hundreds 32 and Non- Government Dental Medical colleges seats are 1 thousands 280 as BDS  courses.

MBBS/BDS Admission Circular 2015-16

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare announced in this session (2015-16) Medical Colleges admission pass number is 40 out of 100. In this year Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Crash test results 2015 is the main issues reduced of pass number of Medical colleges admission 2015-16.

Mohammad Nasim of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has called a press meeting for fixed Medical colleges admission examination date 2015-16. The meeting was held last 13 August 2015. The meetings all member agree that next 18 September 2015 will be held Medical Colleges and Dental Colleges admission test date 2015.

MBBS admission test result 2015-16

The source of Health Ministry we know that, last year 2014-15 (session) total application has been submitted more than 62 thousands and more than 66 thousands applicants can joined the admission examination. In 2014-15 session total passed number obtained applicants were 22 thousands 5 hundreds 59. They were gots 40 numbers out of 100 number.

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