IT Scholarship Application For 500 Students

By   April 14, 2021

IT Scholarship 2021. We all want Digital Bangladesh. We are moving forward in tandem with the developed world with the aim of building a digital Bangladesh. To build a digital Bangladesh, you need to be trained and skilled in the IT sector.

To that end, the Creative IT Institute will provide 100% scholarships in 8 courses to 500 students who have passed HSC this year. The purpose of this scholarship is to enable the younger generation to earn income and become self-reliant in addition to their studies.ICT Scholarship 2021

Creative IT is going to create that opportunity to create a digital young generation in digital Bangladesh. Golden opportunity for all those who have passed higher secondary in 2020.

The Creative IT Institute is offering IT scholarships to a total of 500 students across the country. This includes are Freelancing Career in Photoshop, Facebook Marketing, Freelancing Career in Web Design, Youtube Video Making, WordPress Theme Customization, Robotics, App Development.

Those who are interested in these subjects will not only be able to acquire skills with professional training, but also a source of income as well as education. This special initiative of Creative IT is for them to be self-reliant in addition to their studies so that they can use the benefits of technology properly.

Registration can be done at link.

Creative IT Institute founder and CEO. Monir Hossain said that if one acquires skills in the IT sector, one will get both income and career development through freelancing besides studies. So Creative IT Institute has been working for 12 years to create skilled manpower in this sector.

Rules of application

You need to register for the scholarship. To register, go to Fill in the registration form with all the information correctly. A student can register only once. Multiple registrations with the same information will cancel the application. All subsequent scholarship information is available –