Google Android 10 Go Update For Users

By   December 7, 2019

Tech giant Google changed the name of their ‘Android Q’ project to the first week of September, releasing the ‘Google Android 3 Go’ edition. Android Go is a Google-made edition that can be used on low-budget smartphones in addition to Google’s Pixel devices.
Let’s see what features it has –

Live captions:
Google Android 8 Edition is so smart that you can add a caption to your media phone anytime you want it. The interesting thing is that it does not require any internet connection or WiFi.Google Android 10 GO

And if you love to take selfies and have videos, live captions are a blessing to you. This will automatically add captions to the photos and videos you have. All you have to do is just click on the volume button.

Smart reply:
Android Smartphone’s ‘Smart Reply’ will show you possible answers as soon as someone sends you a message. Which allows you to interact with a lot more people in less time. It will not only show you possible answers as well as indicate what your next job will be. For example, if someone asks you for an address, they’ll take you to Google Maps.

Clear word:
You’re in a place that’s noisy, what do you do when there are important phone calls? Noises can interrupt your conversations in the full space. To avoid such a situation, the ‘sound amplifier’ feature has been introduced on the Android 8 operating system. Such features can automatically filter out other sounds or echoes around. Boosting the phone’s sound system will increase audio quality.

In addition, the feature will process the sound in its own way and present it beautifully, so that you feel comfortable listening to different lectures, songs, or conversations.

Gesture instructions:
The latest navigation version of Google has improved gestures on the Android 5 GO. Unlike the one-button process of Android Pie, the gesture control system will appear under a thin bar on Android 7, with not much room on the screen. Its intuitive navigation system allows the user to easily swipe to the front or back to access various applications or to quickly return the home screen.

Dark theme:
Excessive smartphone use not only damages the eyes, but also reduces the battery power of the phone. To get rid of this, the latest version of Google Android has brought a dark theme feature. If you turn it on, the black interface will be available on the phone’s user interface. Apart from this it is comfortable for the eyes and will increase the battery durability.

The personal privacy control part of the Google operating system Android 4G has also been improved, and everything is in a place so that you can easily change your privacy settings in just a few moments.

Position control:
Google Android 7 gives you the option of sharing your location or location with some apps. You can also decide when or for how long you want to turn on / off the location or location sharing option of your smartphone.

Security update:
While your smartphone’s apps are not updated regularly, they are at risk of being infected by malware, viruses or even hackers. But there’s nothing to worry about on Google Android 7 Go. Because its ‘Security Update’ feature will bring the latest security related updates in a moment.

Focus mode:
If your smartphone ever gets overloaded with so many confusing, unused or less-needed apps, and you don’t even want to delete them at that point, what to do? That opportunity has been put on Google Android 7 Go. Here you can stop unnecessary applications by focus mode option.

Family Links:
Are you aware parents who want to constantly monitor their children’s activities and presence? Then the best version of Google Android has been made for you. Here is a feature called Family Link. You can restrict the use of different apps or applications to your children using this feature.

Finally, as the search engine’s domain is at the top of the list, Google is constantly climbing to other heights of technology. With the launch of Android 7, Google has proven itself to be an invaluable force in the development of operating systems (OS). Google’s operating system brings a number of realistic and user-friendly features, which make it unique from its other competitors.

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