DPE Primary Teacher Recruitment New Information

By   February 22, 2018

DPE Primary Teacher Recruitment 2018 New Information. Primary teachers recruitment circular is coming soon. Thousands of vacant position of Assistant Teacher and Head teacher of Primary school are available now. Many days passed from the last teacher’s recruitment test held on Country wise.

DPE Primary Teacher Recruitment

We would like to inform you some necessary hidden information about it. This year’s upcoming circular will be different from previous circular. Because country’s primary level education raised to Class Eight, some Primary level school already inaugurated admission process. On the other hand, Head teacher’s social status now as same as 2’nd class gazetted officers. So this will be different from others circular. Let’s know some new information about DPE’s recruitment thinking.DPE Primary Teacher Recruitment

Directorate of Primary Education (DPE)

proposed to reform the teacher’s recruitment rules and regulation for primary school, as the primary level raise to class Eight. DPE demanded that equal educational qualification for women as men. Now minimum qualification for women is Higher secondary certificates while for men minimum qualification is graduation degree.

DPE Primary Teacher Recruitment 2018

DPE says, this initiative taken for giving standard education to the students & making a skilled nation through basic education.

That matter discussed in a function held in the secretariat last year, Leads by the Humayun khalid, Secretary of Primary and mass education ministry, says an officials. Dpe expressed argument on favor it as the primary school’s headmasters have now 2nd class status.

About of DPE Primary Teacher Recruitment

At present minimum qualification for women to be a primary school teacher is Higher secondary certificates with 2nd class result, while for men minimum qualification is graduation degree with 2nd class result.

The General Director of DPE Md. Alamgir said, last year DPE sent a amendment proposal for primary teacher’s recruitment process to Primary and mass education ministry after raising primary level education from class Five to Class eight. He says the Bangladeshi women now improved their position with education, graduate female candidates are available now for why we proposed, Minimum qualification for men and women have to Graduation degree.

Change of DPE Primary Teacher Recruitment

There are rules for head teacher recruitment that 65 percent vacant post of Head teachers of primary level have to fill up from Assistant teachers through promotional and 35 percent head teachers vacant position fill up by recruitment test through pubic circular.

Directorate General of DPE said, the Public Service Commission (PSC) claimed about getting the second class gazetted officers status of primary school head teachers. For this reason, minimum qualification for everyone proposed as Graduation .

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education sent back it to the Directorate of Primary education for more investigations in the amendment.

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Although the proposal for change in the educational qualifications for female candidates is depended on the final decision of the ministry of Primary education , said the General Director Md. Alamgir.

Although Minimum recruitment qualification was SSC for the female candidates in the rules of 1991, further it corrected in the the 2013 amendment to HSC or equivalent degree. Primary school teacher’s, recruitment qualification is graduation degree for both men and women.

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