Why Important is Cloud Computing?

By   April 9, 2021

Cloud Computing is the most popular word and important thing in the whole world. It is the computer resources as Computer Software, Hardware, and network. CC is the provision of various services through the Internet.

What is Cloud Computing?

CC means that your computer’s physical machine may be on the other side of the world, not on your desk, and you can control and compute it via the Internet. Actually, we called that “Cloud” which refers to the Internet.Cloud Computing 2021

Why is cloud computing necessary?

Have a question that Why is CC so important? Suppose I sent you an SMS on the phone, which is usually stored locally on your mobile phone. At that time, you left your mobile at home, now tell me, how do you access SMS? You have to go home and bring the phone because that’s the only way the data can be accessed.

But if I were to send you the message on Facebook Messenger, there would be no problem if you leave your phone at home. If you send a message through Facebook, it is not stored on your local device but on the Facebook server, and it is possible to access it from any part of the world by using the Internet from the server?

Now you understand why CC is so important? In fact, it is managed, it is portable, it is on-demand, it is public/private.

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Types of cloud computing

There are three types of Cloud Computing as-

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (laaS)
  2. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  3. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Advantages of Cloud Computing:

There is no end to the benefits, especially if you run a business, this cloud is able to save you a lot of money and hassle. If you have run a small business, some high-end system computers will prove to be very expensive, where you can rent cloud computers for much less money, which can be configured as needed. You can also use this service for personal use, it has so many uses that you can’t even imagine.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing:

The biggest problem is that you have to pay the billing day after day. You spend money once you upgrade everything on your physical computer, buy software, you don’t have to spend any more. But you have to pay the bill for this service. If you use cloud services year after year, it can cost a lot more than a local computer.

Top Cloud Computing Providers

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
Alibaba Cloud

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