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By   April 5, 2020 job circular 2020. Recently has been published a job notice for Interested candidates can apply of Below given details information of job circular 2020. Job Circular 2020

When the country is locked down in Corona, the country’s leading online grocery shop ( is working to help everyone. Though the lock down time has increased, the order of also increases. So that we need some the delivery staff. The company is now looking for a new skilled, energetic staff. So this time, we have the opportunity to work with Job Circular 2020

Omar Sharif Ibn Hai, Head of Growth at, said: “Due to the lock down in Corona, a lot of orders have gone up. However, we are ordering according to our capacity. The order is being taken daily as much as possible. This is because all consumers need receive the products quickly as their orders. And keeping in view of the added pressure, currently requires a lot of staff or co-workers. Therefore, it has been decided to appoint.

That is why I am seeking help from everyone. Need a new staff or new family member. Please contact those who need work right now or don’t have a job or are looking for part-time work or want to be volunteer.

At this crucial time of the coroner, if anyone has any suggestions that how to find more associates please you can comment or inbox on Facebook. Details can also be obtained by calling 01401110751, 09643210004 and 09643210007 for more information.

He also added that, “Our delivery time has increased from 1/2 hours to 2/3 days but all the customers are getting the product. The CEO, COO, directors of the company are also working tiredlessly due to the high pressure on Corona disaster so that consumers can get their product in less time.

Particular emphasis is placed on the supply chain to avoid any shortage of products and problems in the future. In addition, ten more warehouses are planned in the next one and a half months. As a result, it will be possible to deliver goods to many more areas of Dhaka. Then delivery time will also be less. In this situation, will always cooperate with the needs of the people.

Omar Sharif Ibn Hai said that, ” Due to increasing pressure on home delivery, we will require more bikers, cyclists, delivery executives and product pickers. Those who will be paid from Tk 10,000 to Tk 16,000. In addition to this, he will get one day holiday after three working days and interesting bonus will be given. Interested applicants can apply online at Banasree Bank Colony office as well.

In addition to this Coroner disaster we are currently trying to exercise proper care and protection in packaging. Safety materials are being ensured for those engaged in delivery work. When it comes to delivery check whether safety kits are being used. After delivery, the customer is also asked to call to find out if there were any problems with the delivery or the deliveryman was asked if the glass and mask were wearing.