Opportunities for immigration to Canada [Apply Online]

By   January 3, 2021

Since June 2019, the Government of Canada has launched a new pilot program. Its name is Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker. Under this program, the Canadian government will bring people to Canada every year from different countries of the world with work permits under this program. If they do this work for two years after they come to Canada, they will be given permanent residency. Next time they can bring other members of their family. It is listed in Canada’s National Occupational Classification Code 4411 and 4412.

Canada Immigration 2021

If anyone wants to apply in this code, they have to pass HSC and get at least 5 in IELTS. To get such a job in Canada, you need to have experience working in Bangladesh or other countries. No one has been invited to the program so far due to Covid-19, but from January 1, applications from those who have applied to the program will be screened. So far, a total of 2,650 applications have been received.Canada Immigration 2021

Application Procedure of Canada

If anyone wants to apply in this stream, they have to get a job offer from Canada. There are many in Canada who cannot afford to spend time with their children or elderly parents, they can bring people from abroad into the program. Those who will bring support workers from abroad through this program, their annual income will be a lot.

Because the worker they will bring, he will have to pay at least 20 to 22 thousand dollars a year. Remember, middle-class Canadians cannot bring support workers to live in this program. Only economically wealthy families can bring people into the program.

If anyone wants to keep a support worker at home, the government will look at his income for at least the last three years. Families in Canada do not have such a large number of child care providers and home support workers. They keep children in day-care centers and adults stay in nursing homes. The launch of the program will enable wealthy Canadians to stay at home with their parents.

Way to collect Information for Canada Immigration 2021

Go directly to the official website www.cic.gc.ca. There is a search engine at the top right. There you will see everything in the program. You can find out what kind of qualifications are required to apply here. This is the only immigration website of the Canadian government. Everything that is written here is nothing but this.

What to do before creating a biodata

All jobs in Canada have a National Occupational Classification Code. The codes for this pilot program are 4411 and 4412. Go to the official Canadian website www.canada.ca/en.html and type 4411 and 4412 in the search engine to see what kind of qualifications are required for this type of job. If you have any kind of training, you will be able to know the details of this type of job.

What to do before searching for a Job

If someone has such work experience and has a diploma in working as a caregiver, Canadians can apply for a job by visiting any job search website. There is an official website Job Bank Canada. If you go there, you will see such job advertisements. There are many more websites, including www.indeed.ca, www.kijiji.ca, etc. Apart from that, if you search on Google, you will find many job sites.

The people who will give you the job will call you for a virtual interview if they like your biodata. If successful there, they will send a job offer. You will then need to apply for a work visa in Canada with that job offer. If you follow this process and get a job offer, you will get a visa.

Remember, you don’t need any money to get a job offer in Canada. If someone asks you for money in the name of a job offer, it is a criminal offense in Canada. Your job is to find you and give you your interview.

Important to Remember

In other words, remember that you have to do this for the rest of your life, but not. If you become a permanent resident after 2 years, you can get another job. In this country, one can be admitted to study at any age. If you want, you can study and work for a much higher salary. And one more thing, all work in Canada has a social value. No work is underestimated in this country. Let’s enjoy the article of Canada Immigration 2021.