How To Requirement Documents For Canada Immigration

By   February 4, 2021

How To Requirement Documents For Canada Immigration 2021? This article only for them; those who are looking for the requirements documents of Canada Immigration. For this convenience, we try to discuss Canada Immigration 2021.

Canada Immigration 2021

Canada is the country of Immigrants. In this country, about 95 percent of people are Immigrants with 4.9 percent first nation. To keep the wheel of the economy moving, Canada brings in over 300,000 immigrants from around the world every year. Even 20-30 years ago, immigration to Canada was much easier. Day by day Canada is complicating the immigration system. Because they get a lot of applications, Canada brings in people from abroad after a lot of screening.Canada Immigration 2021

Because they get a lot of applications, Canada brings in people from abroad after a lot of screening. Millions of applications are rejected every year due to the lack of completion of applications and the non-filing of actual documents. Today we will know what documents are required to make an application.

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Spell the name

In our country, the spelling of many names varies from place to place. Similarly, there are many inconsistencies in the spelling of our names. Only one place has Md. and there is Muhammad in another place, there is Muhammad somewhere else. All documents should have the same spelling, otherwise, your application must be rejected. Not only one’s own name but also the spelling of one’s parents’ name must be the same everywhere.

Personal Information Document

The applicant must have a machine-readable passport for him and his dependents (husband/wife, children) and a valid passport for at least six months during the application process. Passports must be renewed at least six months before the expiration of the application process. The applicant and his dependents must have a birth registration. Birth registration must be an actual birth registration provided by the government.

Everyone over the age of 18 must have a Voter ID Card or National ID Card. Married Certificate and Nikahnama are required for married people. In Bangladesh, these two documents are still issued in Bengali. However, if you take your Bengali document to the Kazi who taught you marriage, he will translate it into English for a fixed fee.

Educational and Linguistic Qualifications

Each educational qualification certificate must be credential. In other words, they will look at the quality of the education you have studied in Bangladesh or in the world according to the Canadian standard. Guidelines for credentialing are provided on the official Canadian Immigration website (

A certificate of IELTS score must be submitted. Remember, if you come on a student visa, you have to take the academic IELTS exam. And for almost all other visas you have to pay ‘General’ IELTS.

Settlement Fund

You will need to show a settlement fund at the bank for the visa. There is a difference in the amount of money in different categories. In that case, the amount of money that they will tell you, it is better to have that amount in the bank in the form of cash. This money can be in different ways. Such as fixed deposit, savings certificate, current account, provident fund, stock market, etc. In addition, you can show if you have gold-jewelry, property in your own name or in the name of your spouse. In the case of students, they have to show their parents’ money and property.

Work experience

Work experience is an important factor when applying in Canada. In this case, do not take refuge in any lie. For example, if you or your spouse has five years of work experience in different organizations, you will need to obtain a separate certificate of experience for each.

It is better not to have more than one page of each certificate. Each place will have the name, surname, signature, address, phone number, and e-mail address of the person who will issue the certificate to you.

In many cases, the Canadian Immigration Department can contact them. So let them know from whom you will bring the certificate of experience. Contact them so that they can tell you what you wrote in your experience.

Major Documents of all applicants

  • The Medical Examination Confirmation.
  • Police Certificates (PCs).
  • The Copy of Passport.
  • Travel Document Bio Data Page.
  • The Proof of Work Experience.
  • The Proof of Funds.