Chittagong Govt High School Admission Result 2018

By   December 17, 2017

Chittagong Govt High School class 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 admission test result 2018. In this month last time will be declared Chittagong Govt High School admission test result. The result is available our website- Although the results to be gets by our Facebook fan page.

Most of the private schools in Chittagong city cost more for tuition fee & other cost. For this reason many meritorious students being unable to admitted their selves in qualified school due to financial difficulties. So there is no alternative to admission government school.

This year the number of seats in the 9 Government Schools of Chittagong Metropolitan has increased by 417. Last year 3633 students got opportunity to get admitted to these schools. Now it has been increased to 4050. Chittagong Govt High School list are given below-
1. Chittagong Collegiate School
2. Dr. Khastogir Govt Girls High School
3. Govt Muslim High School
4. Chittagong Govt High School
5. Nasirabad Govt High School
6. Chittagong Govt Girls High School
7. Bakalia Govt High School
8. Haji Mohammad Mohshin Govt High School
9. City Govt Girls High School

Guardians, Parents & relatives of students have expressed relief due to the increase in seats.For few years various social organization have organized movement program to demand increase seat in govt School in Chittagong city.

In this year 80 more students in class 5, in class six 107, in class seven 60, in class eight up to 40 students & in class nine 130 more students get an opportunity to study in govt school. As recently as last year , students will be given a single school choice in an application.The admission test will begin on December 19 2017 with separate question paper in 3 groups. Admission test will be held in the “A” category school on 19 th December, in the “B” category school on 23 th of December and in the “C” category school on 27 December 2017.

Gropu A:
1. Chittagong Collegiate School
2. Bakalia Govt.Laboratory Boys High School
3. Dr Khastagir Govt Girls High School

Group B:
1. Nasirabad Govt High School
2. Haji Mohammad Mohshin Govt High School
3. City Govt Girls High School

Group C:
1. Govt Muslim High School
2. Chittagong Govt High School
3. Chittagong Govt Girls High School
4. Bakalia Govt.Laboratory Girls High School

CTG Govt School Result 2018

Online application process for admission test has begun from November 30, which will continue till December 14. In the exam hall use of mobile phone, smart watch, calculator and all electronics device are strictly prohibited. All preparation have been made to complete admission test in a fair and best manner said district administration.

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